Yamaha Drive/Drive2 Navitas 4KW AC Conversion Kit

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If you are looking to get the absolute best performance and speed out of your Yamaha Drive or Drive2 electric cart, this is the kit you need! This Navitas DC to AC conversion kit will increase the overall efficacy of your cart. Noticeable improvements in range, battery life, and performance (speed & torque). The On-The-Fly Programmer allows you to personalize your driving experience in real-time. Adjust your top speed, braking, acceleration, and battery driving range all with the turn of a knob. With the newly added Bluetooth feature, you can now turn your phone into a vehicle instrument panel. The dashboard app allows the vehicle's owner to remotely lock their vehicle, monitor usage and performance or notify their dealers with diagnostic information. Just choose from the drop down menu if you want the 440 amp controller or the 600 amp controller. 


If you plan to just run the standard 48v lead acid batteries, the 440 controller should work fine for you. If you plan to run a 48v or 72v lithium battery setup, the 600 amp controller would be the better option. 

You will also want to upgrade to a heavy duty solenoid


  • Fits Yamaha G29/Drive (2007-2016) and Drive2 (2017-current) 48-Volt with Moric Controllers 
  • Excludes Factory Lithium Models / Will work with aftermarket drop in lithium packs, such as Eco Battery or RoyPow

Kit Features:

  • Everything you need to convert your existing DC system to a modern AC system
  • 440A or 600A state of the art Mosfet technology (choose from drop down menu)
  • Can be used with 48V to 72V systems
  • Works with lead acid or lithium batteries
  • Control your regen braking in forward and reverse for added safety when driving or backing down inclines
  • Use the "lock out feature" to lock in settings to control power and speed
  • Thermal protection
  • Motor thermal protection
  • Fully sealed IP5X
  • OEM multi-platform mounting options
  • Bluetooth Programmable with:
    • OEM App
    • Dealer App
    • End User App
    • One Button Cart Lock-Out
  • Rollback protection
  • Speed-limiting ability
  • On the Fly Programmer will allow adjustments to:
  • Maximum speed control
  • Regen control
  • Acceleration control
  • Please Note: We recommend 2ga Cables & High Amperage Solenoid with this kit

Navitas App Features:

  • Built-in speedometer
  • Gear indicator (Forward, Neutral, Reverse)
  • One-click Car Lock Out feature
  • Live battery voltage, motor, and controller temperature monitoring
  • Provides alerts that you can send directly to your technician/dealer by email

Kit Includes:

  • 440-amp or 600-amp Navitas Controller (choose from menu)
  • 4kw AC Motor
  • OEM Specific Module
  • AC Phase Wire
  • Motor Sensor Cable
  • Mounting Plate
  • On the Fly Programmer

Navitas is known for their excellent customer service. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact Navitas directly. 

Please Note: The Navitas app is available for Apple IOS and Android phones and tablets

For optimum performance, we recommend upgrading your battery cables.

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