Kawasaki FS Air Filter Upgrade Kit

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Around 2018 is when most manufacturers phased in the FS engines with the NEW style air filter cover. Please examine the photos to verify which style of air filter cover you have. You must choose the correct style from the drop down menu. The new style cover is much larger and has two large holes under the cover to inspect inside the blower housing. If you order the wrong kit you will be charged for the exchange shipping cost.

This kit includes everything you need to upgrade your Kawasaki FS series engine to the FX canister style air cleaner. Replaces air filter part number 11013-0752. This canister air filter setup greatly reduces the amount of dirt that accumulates around the filter by raising the air filter location and includes a vortex dust hood that helps eject the larger particles before they get to the filter. This allows longer run times between air filter changes and helps extend engine life. This kit will work on any brand of equipment as long as there is no space restriction above the engine. The FS kit will fit the FS651V, FS691V, and FS730V. This kit does require drilling holes in blower housing to install the mounting bracket. Please select the correct kit for your engine from the drop down menu. Your engine does NOT need to be rejetted to run this kit. This kit uses Kawasaki OEM air filter # 11013-7044. Please watch our installation videos below.

THIS KIT WILL NOT WORK ON THE FS541V OR FS600V! We currently do not offer a kit for the smaller engines. 


  • Air filter housing
  • Inner and outer air filter
  • Mounting bracket
  • Intake tube
  • Needed hose clamps and hardware

If you want an easy way to know when it is time to replace your air filter, check out the Filter Minder

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NOT FOR SALE TO CALIFORNIA DUE TO EMISSIONS RESTRICTIONS - all other states please check your local emissions laws before ordering. Installing this kit may affect your emissions and engine warranty. We are not liable for issues with your machine meeting emissions standards for your state or warranty coverage issues. You are installing this kit at your own risk. Please review our Liability Disclaimer page.

Installation Videos:

Old Style FS Engines

New Style FS Engines

Customer Reviews

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Brad Kisor

It appears to be a big improvement over stock filter.

Thank you for your business Brad!

Ryan Wilkinson
Air filter upgrade kit

Its a great kit had everything I needed for a quick install. Ready for another mowing season and not have to worry about power loss due to a dirty filter.

We appreciate your business Ryan!

Scott Massey
DonaldsonKawasaki Filter upgrade


We appreciate your business Scott!

Tony P
7 minutes, start to finish... Identify your version and Power Equipment Man takes care of the rest.

7 minutes, start to finish...
Identify your version and Power Equipment Man takes care of the rest.

In my case, Gravely updated their cowling to a version 2 which I identified mine correctly as being. My kit came with an addendum and an additional parts kit. During the transition from ver 1 to ver 2, for a period of 2 years, they actually created a ver 1.5. Mine of course being one of them, however; it was painless and only required the drilling of all 4 holes instead of only 2 of them, using the new cowl as a drilling template. The additional parts kit contained the two additional (longer) body panel mounts to get the job done. Remove the old cowl, clamps (save for later), intake hose and filter. Overlay and center the new cowl, drill the holes, install the body panel push pins, install the canister with hose clamps (provided), install intake hose (with old clamps), install canister intake with clamp (provided), check filter installation in canister and button it up. 7 minutes start to finish. Thanks PEM for providing the filter Gravely SHOULD have installed from the factory, and all the parts necessary to get ‘er done.

We appreciate your business Tony!

Derrick Lenzer
So much better than replacing the subpar OEM filter every 5 hrs

So much better than replacing the subpar OEM filter every 5 hrs

We appreciate your business Derrick!