Yamaha 6 Rivet Driven Clutch

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If your cart has the older 4 rivet driven clutch you will need to update it to this new style 6 rivet clutch. The 4 rivet clutches are known for blowing apart when they start to get worn out and you add more power and RPM to them. This clutch does NOT work with the old TEAM primary clutch (2007-2012.5). When you are replacing the clutch it is a good idea to replace the drive belt too. 

*NOTE - This clutch just comes with the standard OEM spring. If you purchase this replacement clutch along with one of our Clutch Performance Kits, we will install the spring from your clutch kit in this clutch before shipping it to you. 

Customer Reviews

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S. Klug
Remarkable upgrade

I replaced both my primary and upgraded my secondary clutches on a drive 2. The upgrade has been remarkable. A little slower at first but after just 18 holes it was almost back to the original speed with a much better launch. I followed their recommendation on what to get and watched the install video and it went remarkably well. Would definitely recommend if you have a Drive 2.

We appreciate your business!

Tony Tassillo
New 6 Rivet Clutch with Stage 1 Spring

My PTV cart was struggling when loaded down after the lift and 22" tires with high speed gears. After speaking with Jonas and sending him a few pictures of my clutch setup and explaining my needs and current concerns he was able to make a recommendation as well as informing me about the shortcomings of the 4 rivet clutch. He also explained to me that if I was to purchase the clutch spring and the new driven clutch at the same time they would install the spring for me. I opted for the whole package and couldn't be happier. My loaded down cart is back to 25mph and the rpms of the gas motor seem to stay right where they're needed depending on the load. I already run their sway bar and was happy with that but I believe this transaction has made me a PEM customer for life!!

Thanks for the great review Tony. We appreciate your business!

Emily Wilson
Yamaha 6 rivet clutch upgrade from 4 rivet

A must for any lifted golf cart pulling hills with taller tires. Was shipped with the higher pressure green spring which keeps it in a higher rpm band for quicker acceleration without loosing the original 20 mph top speed using the kevlar drive belt. Extremely pleased with purchase.

We appreciate your business Emily!

david crafts
Acts like , the clutches to wide

Please call me [****]

Rick Parent

This new 6 rivet clutch has corrected a noise in my 2018 Yamaha EFI Quiet Tech cart on takeoff under pressure. When taking off with the 4 rivet clutch with more than 1 (one) passenger the clutch would make a tinny rattling sound.
The new 6 (six) Rivet clutch has completely cured that issue and the cart has a more positive pull when taking off. I am also looking forward to having a longer belt life due to much less slipping.

Thank you for your business Rick!