Yamaha Drive/Drive2 High Speed Gear Set

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If you have a GAS FLEET cart and are looking to get more top speed, this is what you need! This will upgrade your stock gearing to the high speed gears that come in the PTV models. Installing these gears is a more difficult project, but we do have step by step instructions on how to install them. Please review these instructions below before ordering so you know what tools and skills are required to complete this task. Upgrading to high speed gears should get you around 4 to 8 more MPH depending on your application. Adding high speed gears will hurt your bottom torque a little, we do not recommend going to high speed gears if you live in a very hilly area or pull heavy loads. We highly recommend installing a Clutch Performance Kit when installing high speed gears to help gain back bottom end torque. 

We also have STANDARD FLEET (LOW SPEED) gear sets available for the QuieTech PTV models. If you have a PTV cart that is struggling on hills and you want to gear it DOWN to the same gearing as the fleet carts. These are the exact same gear ratio as the fleet models. 

Don't forget to order some gear oil to refill your rear differential after reassembly. 

  • Manufactured to OEM specifications.
  • Fully heat-treated for severe duty use and long life.
  • Machined from billet steel.
  • Made in the USA.

See the installation instructions here for Quietech or Solid Axle (2015-current).

Customer Reviews

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Nathan Oliver
Great product. Great communication.

Really satisfied with the quick customer support and the product is quality and arrived quickly.

We appreciate your business Nathan!

Greg L.
Excellent Gear Set and Online Instructions

I watched the install video many times to be sure I was getting everything right. The tutorial is really well done. I ended up gaining about 7mph over stock gears. I have the Schafer axle. I did the Stage 1 clutch spring also and everything seems just as torque'y as before. I live in relatively flat area with no hills or heavy hauling. Would definitely recommend. I would say I'm moderately mechanically inclined and this gave me a few challenges along the way, mostly because I did the whole thing by myself. If you have a helper, things would go a little faster, and safer probably. Just watch those little flyweights on the governor during reinstall, they can give you fits and you won't discover there's a problem until you've completely reassembled and taking a test drive.

We appreciate your business Greg!

Justin Hammons
Right parts and expert knowledge

Own a Yamaha fleet car that could only touch 19mph. Jonas with Power Equipment got me setup with a high speed gear set and a beefy stage 3 clutch. Took me about 3 hours to install everything myself and I instantly jumped up to 29 mph and should gain a tad more when the belt wears in. The clutch set gave it some awesome bottom end as well.

That's awesome to hear! We appreciate your business!

Shane Wolph
Worth It

The customer service is incredible, always responsive and willing to help and offer solutions and knowledge. Wont hesitant to do business with again.

Thank you.


We appreciate your business Shane!

2018 yamaha

Awesome results, thanks for your assistance

Thank you for your business Martin!