Yamaha Drive/Drive2 Clutch Performance Kit

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*We are currently out of stock on drive belts for the Quietech models. We do not have any ETA on them at this time. 

Is your Yamaha Drive or Drive2 struggling on hills or under heavy loads? This clutch kit will help your clutches backshift faster under a load to keep your engine in the optimum RPM range. Choose the stage from the menu that best fits your needs. The stage 3 kit will come with a complete replacement drive (primary) clutch. If ordering a Stage 2 or 3 kit, you will need a clutch puller to remove your primary clutch. We also have clutch compressors available for installing the spring in your driven (secondary) clutch. If you have a 2007-2012 with the TEAM clutches, you will need to upgrade to the new style clutches for this kit to work. The TEAM clutches are garbage, and we do not offer any upgrades/parts for them. 

We have a video available on how to determine which stage of clutch kit you need, what is included in each kit, and how to properly install your clutch components. Please review the clutch installation video before making your purchase so you have an understanding of what tools will be needed to complete this process. Do NOT email us asking which kit you should buy until you have watched the ENTIRE video.

The primary purpose of our clutch kit is to help gain more bottom end torque for better acceleration and hill climbing. If you have a fleet cart and are looking to get MORE SPEED - we recommend adding high speed gears along with the clutch kit. 

We choose the spring for the secondary clutch that we feel will best fit your application based on the information we get from your choices of the drop-down menus. However, this is not an exact science, if you are not happy with how your cart is performing after installing the kit please contact us so we can determine what changes need to be made. It does take around 5 to 10 hours of run time to "break in" a new belt. It is not uncommon to lose 1 or 2 mph after installing a new clutch kit. As the belt gets broke in it will get more grip and improve performance of the belt and usually even gain back a couple mph of top speed. It is best to wait until after the break in period before making any changes. 

What's included:

Stage 1 - Kevlar drive belt and driven clutch spring.

Stage 2 - Kevlar drive belt, driven clutch spring, drive clutch weights.

Stage 3 - Kevlar drive belt, driven clutch spring, replacement upgraded drive clutch.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Richard Lauson III

This component is only a part of what I did. I installed the stage 3 primary clutch and high speed gear setup. The entire package made the cart so much better. I am so impressed at the lower RPM of engine yet great performance. Instantly goes 20 mph without trying. Waiting for the belt to break in so I can see what the new top speed is. Today I did 29 mph.

That's great to hear! Thank you for your business Richard!

Robert Evans
Yamaha low end

Works good for low end take off but takes away big end speed for on the golf course it’s fine the new belt helped too it measures a good 1/2 + shorter then the Yamaha one that helped too .

We appreciate your business Robert!

Mark Wiggington
Stage 1 upgrade for the Villages

The Stage 1 performance kit upgrade worked great for my cart. I live in The Villages FL. I created a chat during my order process and you guys nailed it!

We appreciate your business Mark!

Paul Howard

Installed stage1 kits in my 2 quietechs. Big improvement, clutching is way better and it backshifts when you get to a hill

Thank you for your business Paul!

Gregg Davis
Yamaha Drive 2 install

Installed the spring and belt on a Yamaha Drive 2 six seater golf cart. Noticed a difference in the uphill performace versus another yamaha without . Will admit, very steep hill.