Yamaha Drive G29 Sway Bar Kit

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Is your lifted Yamaha G29 sketchy to drive at high speeds? This is the kit you have been waiting for! This automotive quality sway bar kit will help stabilize your cart by counteracting body roll/sway. This solid steel sway bar connects to the engine cradle and the frame using heavy duty links and bushings to help keep your cart level and under control. Using this sway bar will allow you to run the softer OEM rear shocks to give you a better ride quality (your spine will thank you).

This kit will fit on the 2007 to 2016 Yamaha Drive G29 (YDRA/YDRE) models in gas or electric. Please select your lift size from the drop down menu. This kit can be modified to fit other sizes of lift kits - please review the installation video for more information so you know what tools/skills are required to complete installation. 

Built in the USA!

Customer Reviews

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Vincent Johnson
Doesn't fit Predator 670 swap......

Bought to stabilize my G29 Predator 670 install...... Doesn't fit.... I have a friend and his crew who are attempting to alter, going by what Jonas has suggested...... Hopefully will be able to successfully install and use... BE AWARE folks.... BTW, Jonas replied back very quickly and offered to accept return..... But I need stability so giving it a try... welding and fab are being required.....

We appreciate your business Vincent!

Doug L.
Huge Difference in Handling!

I installed this on a G29 and did a before/after video just rocking the cart. Huge difference just in the shop. When I test drove it, I was amazed at the performance. The cart feels much more stable and should be quite a bit safer with the addition of the sway bar. Great buy!

Glad to hear that it made a big improvement for you! We appreciate your business!

This has been needed for over a decade!

I just received my kit and installed it in less than an hour. It was super easy and I like how there was minimal modifications on this. You only have to drill 2 holes in the frame and the rest is Bolt on. Also use a smaller drill bit to make a starter hole and then switch to the 3/8" drill bit, your forearms will thank you.

My cart already feels much less like a grand marquis and more grounded to the road. I know the price seems a little steep but when you receive the 17 pound package, you know it is built to last. Now I need to figure out where I put the old softer rear springs. Thanks very much power man equipment!

We appreciate your business Anthony!


Best investment I have made corrected my sway issues would recommend

We appreciate your business Gerald!

Chris Gove
Exceeded expectations

Can’t say enough about this product , simple , quick install, quality components AND works like a charm! I’ve done a few mods to my cart and this one tops them all ! Highly recommended!

Looks great! Glad it is working well for you. We appreciate your business!